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  » The German "Immowelt" warned not ....
The German real estate magazine "Immowelt" warned that in Turkey frequently black buildings without a building permission are offered. To buy such an object also ACTIVE can only warn you.
The secure way to buy a real estate is to go to a licenced real estate agency. It should be found out if there is an Iskan (permission for down settlement) is available. If this dokument is available it is not a black building or the officials gave after all their okay.

With buildings without Iskan you can get problems and extra costs for example with electric and water. So be careful

  » VOX-Tours shows portrait of Alanya
The production firm "Tangofilm", which works for the German TV "VOX", is in Alanya for takes of a VOX-Tours serie.
With the help of ACTIVE team important contacts to major Hasan Sipahioglu and German people living in Alanya were made. Our manager Seyhan Arabaci spended one day together with the team.

The Active Team say thank you to all for their work. We are happy to make Alanya a little bit better known and to help bringing up the tourism.

The film crew is still taking film material. The report will be sended on the 10th of October at 18 o´clock (German time).

  » Actual directives for taxis
The official directives for taxis has been given out:
1. The first 5 minutes of waiting is free, afterwards each minute costs 130.000TL.
2. Between 24 and 5 o´clock it is night tariff. It is allowed to take 30% more.
3. 2 suitcases up to 50 kilo are free, all that is more you need to negotiate.
4. After city law art. 1608-151 § 30 it is liable to penalty to reject a customer. All customers must be transported.
5. Tariffs valids in between city frontiers.
6. The taxmeter must be switched on.
7. Prices for airport transfer should be negotated.
8. On religious and national holidays a price should be negotated.
9. If you take go and return the ground amount is only taken one time.
10. If you call the taxi by phone the taxmeter will be switched on first when the taxi is arrived.
11. Their must be a price list in the taxi, so that you can see the prices in front.
12. Parking charges or similar costs the customer pays.

  » Telefontariffs of Türktelecom
The Türktelekom gave following tariffs out for the time till the 1sd of August 2004 :

Standardtariff: ground price per month: 11.500.000 TL
city calls: 72.000 TL
long way calls: 192.260 TL
abroad calls: 275.159 TL
Handy calls: 608.451 TL

Telekom offers several tarriffs that are very economic to be ordered:
tariff for firms, tariff for lot calls, economic tariff and summer tariff.

More informations and formulars for order you get in the next Türktelekom office.

  » Alanya will get first old people's home
The authorities have finally offered the financial resources for the planned rest home. In the following monthes the old people´s home should be ready as far as the first guests can live inside.

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