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  » Urban hospital of Alanya will be modernized
The urban hospital will be modernized and widden in association with the city gouverment. Till end of September 2004 36 new treatment rooms and 20 new patient rooms will be builded.

  » Hollywood film "Troja" arrived in Turkey
The legendary trojanic film horse came in 350 pieces with 3 containers to the customs office in the harbour of Haydarpasa on the Asian part of Istanbul. As soon as the horse, which were used in the 150 million Dollar film "Troja" with Brad Pitt und Eric Bana in the leading parts, will be builded up, it should after a 6 to 12 month dateline in Morrabin Park in Canakkale get his fixed place on the "hill of 18th March".
Wolfgang Petersons new film of the Troja legend had a positiv influence on tourism in Turkey. While in the last year 128.000 visitors came to the antic site of Canakkale, it were till the start of the film in Mai 2004 already 281.000 visitors. Because the two trojanic horses are situated in different areas the old and the new requisit can take the show of each other. They are situated in a 30 km distance to each other. The German horse in Truva and the American one in Canakkale.

  » Aqua Center at Damlata
At last the long waiting time is finished! The Aqua Center has been opened for publicity. With a lot of attractions like waterglides, whirlpool and skiglide the park invites to amusing water games. Something for young and old people. Beside the turbulent busyness the older generation has the possibility to swim in the calm olympic pool area.
The entree prices are for grown ups 15 Mio. TL, for pupil and students 10 Mio. TL and for adults up to 5 years free.

  » Tapu office gives news
The Tapu office give out the official numbers of landowners of last year. 43.119 European bought a property in Turkey, 4200 only in Alanya. The Germans are still at number one. Congratulations to all who already found their dream mansion and made Alanya her "second home".

  » City of Alanya built advisory committee
At 25th of mai 2004 the city asked all foreigners to tell their opinions to the situation in Alanya. More than 200 people take time to do and it was found out, that it would be the best to built a commitee for the foreigners. 22 foreign people wanted to give their free help to work at. Tourism commitee gets order to work out a struction of working groups, which will have one speaker who talk to the city gouverment. The working groups will collect the proposal of the foreigners and give report to gouverment. Offices will be built near the old moschee in Alanya centre soon, so that work can start.

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