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  » German/Turkish IHK working begin
with the building day of the German/Turkish Industrial and commercially office (DTIHK) in Istanbul 1994 was written down, that IHK will build up a same style office in Germany. So nowadays the "Turkish-German industrial and commercial entrepreneur organisation e. v." in Köln begins his work. IHK hopes to get an important partner - not only to grow the commerce and investigations on both sides, also to give new impressions to projects and activities for integration of turkish entrepreneurs and compatriots in Germany.
Germany is still number one in commercial partnership for Turkey. The engagement of german commerce in Turkey grows rapidly. It is not only the Turkish marked itself. A lot of big firms join Turkey for production place. The 1996 written commerce contract for customs between Turkey an EU is a good foundation for that. Nearly all products sold between Turkey and othe EU-states are free of taxes.

  » building event NRW in Dortmund
Active real estate finished the building event last weekend in Dortmund/Germany from 02.04. to 04.04. successful. A lot of exhibitionists from several countries, also Turkey, showed news from building branch and projects. We thank all our visitors for their coming. Our team is very happy about the success. We could show to a lot of European people the best side of Turkey and inspired a lot of them to come to Alanya. Our team noticed that in between the last years a lot of German learned about Alanya. We hope to give a successful part that Alanya will be known better and better.

  » Exhibition ivent
Active participates again at Second Home in Utrecht. From 5. to 07. march you find us at stand C42. We hope you visit us soon.-

  » Alanya life meets Bellevue
While visiting Active real estate chief editor of Bellevue Dr. Johannes Bohmann took time for an interview with the good known magazin Alanya Life, which you can read in the new edition. They talked about a lot of different subjects.Particulary the view of Mr. Bohmann on the development of real estate was very interessing for the Alanya life reporters.
In Turkey, particulary in Alanya, you can see, that through the last 5 years the building quality became much better while the prices stayed low. Comparing to other countries like Spain, Florida, Mexico or Mallorca, Turkey has a good place. Indeed a lot of European people think wrong about Turkey as a islamic countrie like in Arabia. Mr. Bohmann tries to get this thinking out of the heads in writing about the normal life in Alanya and tourism in his Bellevue reports. Mr. Bohmann said, that in Alanya there are a lot of real estate offices, but that you don`t find in all the reliable working and sureness you need for buying. Mr. Bohmann said thanks to Active to show that also reliably firms excist and that he will everytime recommend this firm.

Active real estate thanks Dr. Bohmann for his candor and the Alanya Life reporters for their interest and visit.

  » Alanya celebrates jubilee
Today the day of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk`s first visit to Alanya returns fort he 69th time. This day is celebrated with some official parties.

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