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  » Kuban Bayrami (Opferfest) in der Türkei
On January , 31st the preparings for the every years sacrifice celebration ( Kuban Bayrami). Four days long the rich have to look after the poor. Traditional the rich families butcher a sheep. Most of the meat is given to poor families in envirement.

The tradition attributes to the „old book“ of christian bible, which is also important fort he islamic believe. Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son for love to god. This sacrifice God didn´t except and sended an angel, which brought a sheep to Abraham. This sheep he should
sacrifice instead of his sun.

Nowadays sacrifice celebration days are very important for the families. It is one time where the hole family come together and celebrate.

The Active-Team desire all people on earth peace and prosperity. It is time to think more of the poor people in this world.

  » Atatürk and the German
What would the turkish reformer Mustafa Kemal Atatürk say, if he would have a look at Turkey? The 1938 deceased statesman would have had his personal fun. Because Atatürks vision was to bring the land at Bosporus as fast as possible into contact with Europe.

With his reformations he would also built up a new highschool system and brought in the 30th round about 800 german and
austrian interlectual to Turkey. Most of them were Juwish or social democrate polititians, artists or scientists, which must go out of their home country fast because of nazism. And hundrets of highschool teachers followed the invitation of Atatürk.The germanspeaking emigrants were welcomed by Atatürk to help him in reforming Turkey and built up a modern, dynamic and future orientated country. Almost because Atatürk all the time had a good relationship to Germany.

The political and military relationships between Germany and osmanic nation began very early. On october, 21th 1889 Kaiser Wilhelm II. visits for the first time Istanbul and had build there a „German fountain”. The friendship between the two countries find his top in the alliance of First world war (1914-1918), which they lost together. In March 1924, five month after building the turkish republik, the contract of German-Turkish-Friendship was signed in Ankara and the political and diplomatic relationships new confirmed.

source: Welt am Sonntag author: Ayhan Bakirdögen

  » German press visit Active
The chief editor of the most known german real estate magazin Bellevue Dr. Johannes Bohmann visited us while he was in Alanya. He was delighted from Alanya´s landscape, culture and real estates we showed him. Dr. Bohmann found out, that in the last 5 years the construction work quality was getting much better. Alanya is very often asked for from Bellevue readers. Because of the very good medical services, the climate, the historical places, the culture, the nice people and mostly because of the good price/capacity relationship is Alanya on place number one. Next publication of Bellevue you can find a exclusiv report about Alanya and particularly about Active. Dr. Bohmann was very impressed, what manager Seyhan Arabaci in this men dominated branch
achieved till now. Special thanks to Dr. Bohmann for the compliments and his visit in our office.

  » Sponsorship for historical buildings
Sponsorship zur Erhaltung historischer Bauten in der Türkei

Sponsorship to rescue historical buildings in Turkey

The minister for culture and tourism Erkan Mumcu announced a change of income taxes. Bestows, which are offered for rescue of historical buildings, are now tax deductionable.
Mumcu hopes that a reasonable protection and a faster recondition of historical and touristic interesting monuments.

  » German tourist again on number one
The touristic agencies reported, that through the last year 4.681.951 tourists arrived at Antalya airport. Inbetween 228.246 from other countries than Germany. With that the German took again place number one in statistic of Turkey visitors.Second place
go to Russia and third to Holland. We are really happy, that our wonderful country is so popular for Europeans which like not only to enjoy the sun yet also like to learn a lot more about our country and culture

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