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  » Postage stamps with your own picture
The general board of directors PTT has started a special action on the occasion of the 165-year-old existence of: The individual postage stamp. Alanyas PTT manager Hülya Çiftçi has made this offer to allow businesses and private individuals to print their own picture as a postage stamp.
There could be an occasion for it in various respects: birthdays, weddings, formations of a company or product advertising as examples. Persons with an interest, can put in an application to the PTT and order the postage stamps on production of his identification card and its address. The expenses are dependent on amounts
Piece of YTL/postage stamp between 250-1000 1.50, between 1050-5000 1.25, from 5050 1.00,-


  » Solar Eclipse 2006
Everybody who wants to see the Solar Eclipse in 2006 will have to travel to Turkey. This event is the biggest since 1999.

A total solar eclipse will happen on Wednesday 29th March 2006, starting in Brazil, Africa, Turkey and Asia. This is going to be a spectacular eclipse, when the total phase will last 4 minutes at maximum and visible by millions of people over the path up to 190km wide.

Given the great viewing conditions which should be available in Turkey for this eclipse, within easy reach for most Europeans, this will truly be an opportunity not to be missed.

The total eclipse starts in Eastern Brazil and ends in Northern Mongolia. All over the world people will try to see this eclipse. If you are going to plan a trip to Turkey then take our advice and come to Alanya. The best place to join in this event could be no better than from Alanya castle or on a boat trip from Alanya. This will be an unforgettable moment in your life.


  » Time is running out!
If you still have not changed your old Turkish Lire banknotes into new ones, best you hurry up. As we informed you before from the 1st January 2006 the old Turkish Lire note is invalid. You can change your old notes at any of the banks (for example HSBC).
So look out your old million lire notes and get then exchanged for crisp new thousands and see those zero's disappear! A lot of people will take a deep breathe now because it will become far more easier to calculate without all the zero's. Do not miss the last train!

  » 5th October the fasting begans!
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar and the holiest of the tree holy months. Fasting has started. The last fasting day is the 2nd November. Please take into account the people that are fasting. It is surely not easy if they cannot eat, drink or smoke the whole day from sunrise to sunset for cleaning the body and the soul. Ramadan derives from the Arabic root: ramida or ar-ramad, meaning scorching heat or dryness. Since Muslims are commanded to fast during the month of Ramadan, it is believed that the month's name may refer to the heat of thirst and hunger, or because fasting burns away one's past sins.

Muslims believe that God began revealing the Qur'an to the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan (in the year 610 C.E.). The month of Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, prayer, doing good deeds and spending time with family and friends. The fasting is intended to help teach Muslims self-discipline, self-restraint and generosity. It also reminds them of the suffering of the poor, who may rarely get to eat well.
The fasting is one of the five pillars of the Islam. The other four pillars are profession of faith, prayer 5 times a day, give a donation to the poor and the pilgrimage to Mecca. The fasting is a duty, from where a Muslim just can be released conditional of - for example – children under 15 Years old and sick persons, mentally handicapped persons, pregnant woman or a woman that has just given birth. Also Women during their menstrual period, because they have a reputation as a dirty person. But they are incited to do the fasting at another time.
As a reward from 3. - 5. November they celebrate "Ramadan bayram" or "Seker bayram". This is a big party to get over this hard month of austerity. This time the whole family come together and give sweets or chocolate to each other. Austerity is not just in the Islam a virtue and would be good for all of us. Irrelevant to the religion we believe in.

  » 13th International Aspendos 2006
10. June untill 22. July 2006

AIDA -Opera by G. Verdi - 10. and 12. June 2006
Emrah und Selvihan - Ballet by C. Isiközlu - 16. June 2006
La Traviata- Opera by G. Verdi - 20. June 2006
Goldberg's Variation - Ballet - 24. June 2006
Dr. Schivago - Ballet - 27. June 2006
Die Zauberflöte(The Magic Flute) - Opera by Mozart - 1. and 3. July 2006

A Midsummers Nightdream - Ballet by F. Mendelsohn - 7. July 2006
Otello -Opera by G. Verdi - 11. July 2006
Manon -Ballet - 15. July 2006
The Barbar of Seville -Opera by G. Rossini - 18. July 2006
Zobra the Greek -Ballet by M. Theodorakis - 22. July 2006

Note: Tickets for these events can be obtained from all Travel agencies, in Hotels or Information offices. The arrangement costs about 35 or 40 euro and includes the transfer from your hotel both ways and the entrance. If you prefer to drive on your own there, it is possible to buy the ticets directly at the Theatre Gate.

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