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  » Antalya is hot on the heels of Mallorca!
The Turkish tourism industry is staying in front for another record year. In 2004 the number of foreign tourists has grown by 25% to 17.5 Million visitors. This year, the increase is expected to grow by a further 20% on 2004 figures. The number of visitors, who are arriving at Antalya Airport in the first quarter of this year has increase already to 27%! The flight company Sun Express last year flew 0.5 million people to Antalya, from all parts of Europe. “Turkey this year is the “Top Spot” on the vacation destination trail.” Mr. Poul Schwaiger, the general manager of Sun Express said,” Sun Express will make its fleet bigger with 2 more aircraft. They are the second biggest flight company in Antalya. Still the Turkish Riviera is staying on the list a quarter behind Mallorca but this will change very fast, experts sayed. This maybe because of the good offers in capacity in this country and this is not just for one country in Europe attractive....

  » Schönes Alanya!
12th internationales Aspendos Opern- und
Ballett-Festival vom 11.Juni -19.Juli 2005

22-24 Juni: "Der Fliegende Holländer"- Oper von Richard Wagner
(Staatsoper und Ballett Izmir)

28.Juni: "Nazim" - KonzertBilkent Symphonieorchester und der Polyphonic Staatschoor
Leitung: Ibrahim Yazici

01.Juli: "Romeo und Julia" Ballett von Sergej Sergejewitsch Prokovjew
Staatsoper und Ballett Istanbul

05.Juli: "Carmen" - Oper von George Bizet
Staatsoper und Ballett Istanbul

09.Juli "Rosengarten" Tanz von B.Murphy
Generaldirektorat der Staatsoper und Ballett Musik und Tanzproduktion

12.Juli: "Symphonie Nr.9" von Ludwig van Beethoven
Philharmonie der Nationen Leitung:Justus Franz

15.Juli: "Don Quixote" Ballett von L.Minkus
Generaldirektorat von Staatsoper und Ballett

18.Juli: "Eugen Onegin" ( Konzertversion)
Mariinski Theater Leitung:Valery Gergiev

19.Juli: Gala-Konzert
Mariinsky Theater Leitung:Valery Gergiev

  » Wetten dass
Alanya, the most beautiful city on the Turkish south coast. Becoming even more famous every day. As we informed you in our last information bulletin, the German television show “Wetten dass...?” will be doing the Summer Special this year in the old theatre in Aspendos. This Theater is the biggest Amphitheatre in Little Asya. Although this is an ancient theatre they are still showing operas and other major events.

As special guests Shakira, Mustafa Sandal and Paris Hilton have been invited. In Europe, the first and special show will be shown in Austria, Switzerland and Germany live on the 15th May 2005 at 21.15 hours. The German travel agency giant Öger Tours has the sole rights to be the only company to sell tickets and they have been on sale for one week already.
Active Real Estate, the sponsor of the first and biggest German newspaper in Alanya “Alanya Bote”, have been invited as V.I.P. guests for this very important event

  » Schönes Alanya!
Jetzt auch interessant für deutsche Fluglinien?
Das seit Jahren andauernde Rätselraten um den Flughafen scheint ein Ende gefunden zu haben wenn im Mai die ersten Maschinen landen sollen. Jetzt meldete sich ein Flugunternehmen aus Deutschland, welche mit 160-plätzigen Maschinen die Fluglinie Frankfurt - Gazipasa bedienen will. Laut eigenen Angaben sei ein Anfliegen mit so großen Maschinen nach Gazipasa problemlos.

Vor einigen Wochen meldete der Alanya Bote, dass die Verhandlungen mit einem amerikanischen Unternehmen erfolgreich beendet wurden und die zuständigen Behörden in Ankara ihre Zustimmung erteilt hätten. Laut Gazipasa A.S sollen nicht nur kleinere in- und ausländische Maschinen landen können, sondern auch Flugzeuge mit einer Kapazität bis 100 Passagiere. Außerdem will man will auch Pilotenkurse anbieten. Die türkische Luftlinie plant auch, ab Mitte 2005 den Flughafen Gazipasa mit kleineren Maschinen anzufliegen. Nach jahrelangem Hin und Her und vielen widersprüchlichen Aussagen scheint jetzt endlich eine Lösung gefunden zu sein?

  » New TAPU-Law since 14.03.05!
From yesterday on it is reality: the, from the 03.07.03 changed Tapulaw § 4916 Absatz 19 Absch. 35, changed again. In this law was writing that private persons from Europe can buy land in the village areas of turkey also. Now the goverment try to put a spell on the amasing boom on the real estate market for european citizins. One reason to change this law again: No private person from europe can buy land inside the village areas of turkey anymore. Looking to the history of turkey the politicals are just trying to keep their own land in their own hands.

For persons who bought or will buy properties inside the city and local community the law will stay the same. Properties in this areas are still available

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