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  » Mobile phone alarm
If you bring a mobile phone (non contract) from any European country which
has not been registered in Turkey, and you put a Turkish moblie phone chip
in the phone you will have a major problem.

You will recieve a message in Turkish (by SMS) which you may not
understand, what it is informing you of is that your moblie phone has been
blocked. This is because you have not registered it in Turkey. Before
putting a chip in your mobile you should register the phone at one of the
offices below:

To register your mobile!!!!!

If you have a Turkcell chip,then go into Alanya into the main centre,
Tuluklar, into the 25 mtr road. If they have a Tellsim chip, they go into
the main centre, My Cep show, in that Ataturk road, near the post office.
They need to have a copy of your passport and the mobile phone reciept for
the mobile phone, that is all you need!!!

If you bring your normal mobile phone to Turkey and use you own chip and
use your own mobile phone companies roaming service you will not be
affected by this problem. The purpose of this operation is to stop the
use of stolen mobile phones. As you will know if you put a Turkish chip
in your contract phone it will not work.

For further questions we are always at your disposal!

  » Alanya again is one step ahead!
Active reported earlier already about the new law for customers from Denmark.

If a Danish person wants to buy a property in Turkey they must first have a residence permit or a work permit. Because of this reason, the police station in Alanya had a large rush of people in their office. To make less work in the office, they have decided now to do the work for the permission directly in Alanya without sending all the papers to Antalya. This means that the waiting time will be shorter. The residence permit can be taken by the owner in a couple of days.

The Active Team would be pleased to help you.

  » Active, one of the best European Estate Agents!
Active is one of the best real estates brokers in Europe!

The European real estate magazine BELLEVUE selected and recommends the best real estate agents for 2006 in the whole of Europe. Valuation criteria was a high priority, market knowledge, experience and offering variety and service. A good broker is the customers preferred choice and also a professional councellor.

The reason for this selection of good estate agents by BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS is for a lasting and professional service in the real estate business. A long-term goal is a world-wide listing of all recommendable real estate enterprises. This book is the first step in a long journey. It is to help both buyers and salesmen to find the correct partner for the purchase or the marketing of real estate. The selected purchase of real estate abroad needs confidence, security and sufficient information. Perhaps it will be one of the most important investments of your life - the acquisition of real estate! How does one move in a strange country between the laws and the market? What are the advantages and which ones pose risks to the prospetive buyer?

In this book you can find the best prices with tips and descriptions of the region. It also gives you the best advice and judgement of the experts. Our customers can order the magazine for real estate agents in the whole of Europe at or the telephone number 0049 40 44 11 7501 which gets you the magazine direct from the publishing house or log onto their web page The Active team wishes to thank all at the BELLEVUE editorship and wishes all customers and prospective customers a successful search for their dream house!

  » Best Property Agent 2006!
There are many Real Estate Agents on the market. But which ones are really good at their job? The European real estates magazine Bellevue on the basis of their many years of expereince have highlighted the world wide best brokers and builders as "Best property Agents". One of those selected was Active Real Estates.

These brokers are selected according to certain criteria. So one can be assured that the selected enterprises are in fact respectable , professional and above all are able to fulfill their customers requirements.

The "Best Property agent" is selected each year by Bellevue. This year, a new year book has been produced with only the best being selected for inclusion in the book. Over 300 pages for the readers to look through where you will be able to find the brokers which are most trustworhty for their respective area.

Starting from the 28. April this "broker leader" is to be had on the market. Active will report more in detail next time on this event on the Internet site.

  » Golf Tourizm Turkey
In recent years, as golf courses with international standards have opened up, Turkey has become an elite golfing centre where players from around the world can meet in an environment of quality and prestige. Especially in the area of Belek, 30km east of Antalya, there is a potential for golf tourism with the unique bonus of the cultural, historical and natural sight seeing of the region. Top-class courses are also being planned for Istanbul, Ankara and Mugla.
In Turkey, most courses are in the vicinity of tourist resorts, around the coastal regions which have the necessary facilities like accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. The Ministry of Tourism plans to establish another 11 golf courses in these tourist areas.

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