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  » The Eclipse of the sun in Alanya
4 Minutes for a half century.
The Active-Team watched the eclipse of the sun on the 29th March 2006 in Alanya for you!
To feel the atmosphere at the time of the eclipse is more than words can describe here. From all over the world people flew to Alanya to see this amazing spectacle. Just to witness the eclipse people went up to the castle or into the Marina in Alanya. To the accomplement of classical music the moon moved slowly in front of the sun. For 4 minutes it became dark in Alanya and the atmosphere became cooler. The temperture went down by 4 degrees from the normal daytime temperture in one minute. Those who watched from the castle saw all the lights come on in Alanya and the sky above the mountains went a purple red colour. For everyone this moment will be unforgetable. Now we can understand why the people over the centuries before compare this to magic and amazement.

  » A pleasant message from the consulate
The Danish consulate in Turkey finally brings out news of the new law for buying properties in Turkey by Danish people.

As you may know, a few weeks ago the new law for buying properties in Turkey was made official. This law was based on the “Reciprocating arrangement” that people from other countries, in which the Turkish people are allowed to buy properties, are also allowed to buy properties in Turkey. But in Denmark the Turkish citizens can only buy properties, if they own a residents permit or a work permit. So this will apply for the Danish citizens in Turkey now also: They must have a residents (ikamet) or a work permit (calisma izin) for buying properties in Turkey.

Now every Danish buyer can take a deep breath.
On our Info website and our newsletters we reported before, that there is no written law about Danish people cannot buy in Turkey. Anyway there hasn’t been on the list of the countries who can not buy in Turkey.

This news was taken from Alanya Posta Newspaper from 01.03.06

Details and more Information you may get from the Active-Team

  » Cartoons
In the last month every one of us has seen the comments about the cartoons published by a Danish newspaper. Turkey is a liberal country and the citizens here do not realize what the protests or negative comments stated in the European media are talking about. The Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül said that Turkey had to try to show respect for every culture and every religion. Nobody in Alanya has seen any protests or problems about this. Of course the people here are wondering why the Danish newspaper should show these cartoons, but nobody is angry. In Turkey everyone respects each others religion and culture and the opinion here is that everyone can live together without war.

Everyone can visit Alanya without being afraid – Turkey is a secured and democratic country!

  » Wild Chicken!
The world health organization (WHO) is trying to remove the fear people are having about the Avian Bird Flu. “There is no reason for panic” the manager of the WHO office, Marc Danzon, in Ankara said, A “Mutation” of the virus of the chicken flu which was thought to be able to transfer to humans (H5N1) was not to be found!
Tourists can visit Turkey without any fear.

The infection of a person in Turkey occurred because this person was in direct contact with sick birds. They lived with them in the same house and touched the dead birds without any hygiene protection. The way Turkey handled the situation with the virus was for WHO very positive, Marc Danzon said.

In Turkey today the population continues to eat chicken. In the hospitals and doctors offices notices have been placed about the way you should deal with the virus and its prevention. The most important thing is that chicken meat must be cooked well and also eggs must be cooked well. There has been no news about more people dying in Turkey because of the avian bird flu.

  » the new Tapu law has been approved ...
At last, the new Tapu law has been approved, from it here are the most important points to note:

• The law was debated on the 29th December 2005. The law on 'purchase of property by foreigners in Turkey' was enacted and published in the Official Gazette on January 7, 2006

• The new law also covers the applications for Title Deeds to TAPU offices in the period between July 26, 2005 when the previous law became void and the date when the new law came into effect.

• Foreigners may buy in villages, but only where there is a publicly approved development plan.

• Principle for the purchase is the mutuality principle (that is Turkish citizens must also be able to purchase property in the same country that the foreigner comes from)

• Foreign trading companies may acquire only within the framework of the special laws real-estate business property.

• Associations, cooperatives, corporations, municipalities, foreign charities, foreign foundations and foreign societies cannot buy property in Turkey.

• Foreign natural persons may acquire up to 2.5 hectares of property, · the government must authorized the purchase of land above 30 hectares.

• The government has set out zones where individuals and companies are forbidden to buy, zones to be preserved such as lands which are strategically very important in terms of energy, agriculture, mining, history,culture, biological flora and national security.

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