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We welcome you to our info site! Your Active-team would like to give you the most interesting news day by day. So read here the newest interesting information, actually news and useable tricks around Turkey and Alanya together and presented to you a colourful mix of culture, sports, political news and a lot of other themes. We, your Active-team, hope you will enjoy the searching and reading.
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  » Successful presentation of Active Real Estate
The Active Team successfully represented the company at the exhibition “Immobiliensalon Berlin 2007” which took place on the 20th and 21st of April in the German capital Berlin.

We as Active Real Estate were the only company which represented Alanya. Many visitors came to our booth, interested persons as well as past customers, who helped us in our work.

The people who were interested and to whom we spoke at length were those that had already visited Turkey at least once and they commented that they were fascinated about our country. The most interesting thing about this was that five or six years ago when we also took part at exhibitions, almost nobody knew about Alanya, they did not know where Turkey was located in the world and what the population was. But things have changed positively as we could recognize at the exhibition. For those European citizens that know Turkey and have taken a look at this beautiful country were also interested in our presentations they had already visited Alanya or other places around Antalya like Belek or Kemer, mostly for holidays but many of them saw the big changes and developments of this region over the years.

We also had the chance to get to know those people, who are interested in Turkey although never have been there. We tried to inspire them to come soon to our country by telling them about Turkey and the future developments in Alanya and convinced them finally. We did of course make many interesting new contacts with several famous and European wide successful companies. New impressions and information we got by talking with these foreign real estate companies about the situations at the different real estate markets in Europe. Each party wants to work closer together and so we will co-operate in future time with other companies all over Europe. Through our rich experiences and the huge amount of information we got at this exhibition we can say proudly that we can offer all our Turkey customers high quality standards and luxurious properties in a country where the sun is shining over 300 days a year and all this (and that is our big advantage) to a very affordable price!

So Active will join many future exhibitions in different countries. Our big aim is to make Alanya and Turkey more famous in Europe by giving useful information about living here and to win even more Turkey-Lovers.

We thank all our past customers for coming and their helpful support and also all the people who showed interest for our country and our company.

Your Active Team


  » Bellevue special Turkey edition in May 2007
Europe’s largest real estate magazine, the Bellevue has done a featured article about the beautiful city of Alanya and the Turkish Riviera. Appearing in the May edition the feature is all about the life style and living in this beautiful area of Turkey.

That Alanya is an idyllic location worth living in and the article is aimed at informing the Bellevue readers of this fact. They did many interviews whilst in Alanya asking people about their impressions of living here. It is hoped that people reading this article will gain more information and that it will make their holiday experience more enjoyable when visiting here.

Also our business guide, Ms Seyhan Arabaci was interviewed by the Bellevue editor Mrs Hoopmann and asked about the beautiful places in and around Alanya. Also asking Seyhan Arabaci about the development of the real estate business and the general progress being made here.

Their interview and much more information in and around the most beautiful place in Turkey – our Alanya – can be read in your May special of the Bellevue.

  » You are cordially invited to the Real Estate fair
Dear friends and prospective customers,

As in past years we are proud to inform you that we will be representing the Turkish Riviera again this year at Real Estate Exibition Fairs in various countries. The first fair will be held in the salon of the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin. It begins on the 27th April 2007.
Many large and small companies will be represented not only from Germany but also foreign Real Estate companies. The construction industry will also be represented.

You are cordially invited to visit us at our Stand No: 17, we will be able to give you a personal consultation showing you the many offers we have and introducing you to the Turkish Riviera.

Your Active Team

  » An interview with Active Real Estates by the Alanya Bote
The regional newspaper Alanya Bote has carried out an interview with Active Real Estate . Looking into the acquisition of real estate in Alanya, security of customers, currant prices of property and other interesting facts about the real estate market as it is today in Alanya.

Real Estate in Alanya

Alanya is the most develpoed area on the Turkish Riviera and the area most Europeans are asking about. In particular the German citizens top the list of those most interested in the area. Already in Alanya their are some 15,000 Europeans resident and the Germans head that list. This gives a positive outlook for the real estate industry. Seyhan Arabaci, business manager of Active Real Estates has been running the business for 9 years, Seyhan Arabaci is also Sworn Interpreter which give added security to the client when purchasing their new home.

We asked Seyhan Arabaci about developments of the real estate industry in Alanya:

Alanya Bote:

What reasons induce Germans to the real estate acquisition in Alanya?
Seyhan Arabaci:
In the last two years the German prospective customer has behaved cautiously. Now German citizens are again interested and purchasing with more confidence. Alanya is considered as region, the 12 months of the year allow people to also enjoy the winter season because of the mild temperatures around 18-20 degrees C. Building construction is improving and coming into line with European standards thereby giving a better quality of building.
Alanya Bote: How do you see the property market at present?
Seyhan Arabaci: By the law change in the last year the property market suffered a perceptible setback. That can be now caught up again. I know this already. Before 10 years there was the same development. Turkey is still very favorable for the acquisition of a Real Estate. Particularly compared with countries such as Spain or the USA. Here with us one has very visible life support costs. In Alanya one can offer approx. 50,000 euro for a residential property, or approx. 95,000 euro for a villa. Additionally we have again and again interesting good deals. Many of our customers sell up their property in Spain or the USA because of the rising costs in maintaining their property their. Also the friendliness of our compatriots is well-known and a substantial reason, to settle here.
Alanya Bote: What would you recommend to the prospective customers, those that are seeking real estate to acquire here would like?

Seyhan Arabaci: They should work with a reliable real estate company, only those that can show they have a licence to offer a real estate service. The purchase of a property with bad debts is to be advised against strongly. The promises are large, not to constitute the facts frequently at all. No real estate without land register entry! Active priority - its customer care during the purchase and the looking after once the purchase has been completed! Our service is to ensure that all is correct with the Tapu, offering transportation, cleaning, Insurance services as required by the client after they purcahse their property.

Alanya Bote: How do you see the rising tendency of the land development into and around Alanya?

Seyhan Arabaci: In Alanya despite risen demand too much has been built. I do not find that good. Germans, for example, are disturb by the large areas which are built close togehter and multi stories high. Their preference is for small nature-left green belts. We can find a suitable property for each requirement at home, promised!

Alanya Bote: How do you judge the price history?

Seyhan Arabaci: Situation and building quality decide for the price. We control the houses or dwellings, whether a Iskan (building specification) is present, whether the acquisition is permissible by Europeans, and they further criteria correspond. We are naturally permanently in contact with the customers. If they cannot meet an immediate purchase decision, we are always avaliable at where we are a friendly contact to help the client.

Alanya Bote: Seyhan Arabaci thank you and we wish you much success in your business.


  » Annual rental property taxes
As we reported before, you have to pay here also in Turkey your annual property taxes. In addition you should not forget, each year in February or at the latest March, to deliver a report of your income from renting your property this should also be with the tax office. You must prepare a report of the income you have received from renting your property so that they can calculate the amount of tax you have to pay. below you can see how this calculation is done:

With an income up to 2200 YTL annually, you are not required to pay any taxes but you must still submit a report of the income. With a profit starting from 2200 YTL you then have to start paying taxes, the procedure is that for instance you have an income of 5,000 YTL per annum you subtract the 2,200YTL from this figure. The balance is then taxable at 15%.

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