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  » 33 new container - Alanya relies on waste separation
Alanya is still on the road to modernization and improvement. Now Alanya also relies on garbage separation. You already see in new housing developments and hotels that there are Yellow, Green, Blue, Black bins for separation. So in future paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic should be disposed separately. For this purpose, new containers have now been deposited for recycling glass at 33 locations in the city. The goal is to achieve long term reduction of the dissipation cost, and so to deal with the conservation of natural resources. With this action "piggy bank" could thus also funds flow back to the community.
As people who live in Alanya, we are happy to see again and again, that we are on the road to modernization and Alanya is one of the few towns that also converts. Thus, the community proves how much value it places on the streets, sidewalks and on the environment.

  » New rules for residence permit (Ikamet) in Turkey
Recently, a new regulation for the receiving of an Ikamet is in force.
It is now possible to obtain an Ikamet from 6 months up to 1 year, regardless whether it is extended, or it is a new application.

For the application you need the following documents:
- Application form (available at the Authority)
- 4 photographs
- Copy of your passport including entry stamp
- Copy of Tapu (Land Registry) or if you do not own property, a notarized copy of a lease.
- Proof of account balances of monthly. about 360 euros, for 12 months or about 4320 euros. Or a notarized copy of the annuity or pension certificate. About the money in your account, you can come back to the application.
- Evidence of a Turkish private health insurance (from about 210 TL monthly, depending on age)

The Ikamet will no longer be picked up at the authority but it is sent to the, at the application specified, address in Turkey. The processing and delivery will take approximately 2-3 months.

In a new or initial application, the following costs occur:
- Application Ikamet: 182 TL
- Ikamet Card: 50 TL
- Fees for initial application: 321 TL
- Health Insurance ca: 210 TL* 12 = 2520 TL
adds up to ca. 3073 TL (ca. 1097,5 Euros)

In an extension the 321 TL for the initial application and 50 TL for the "Ikamet card" drop off and it comes to ca. 2702 TL (ca. 965 euros).
The effort has remained similar as before and the cost also.
Please note, that the amount of fees can change depending on the country of origin.

Another positive innovation: If one has a complete Ikamet eight years or longer, you can get an unlimited Ikamet.

IMPORTANT INFO: A health insurance for people who have finished their 80th year, can not be completed in Turkey. For this purpose, a health insurance must be made at the first residence. Please inform yourself this, your health insurance.

  » Update the electricity subscription before the end of May 2014
Some time ago, the governmental electricity supplier "Tedas" was purchased by the company "Akdeniz Electrical Daigitim AS". Many of you may be ahve seen this already, on their electricity bill.
For all customers of "Tedas" who have newly registered or transferred a current subscription before July 2013 (07/2013), it is necessary to update their subscription.
You will need a copy of your passport and your last electricity bill. With this you go to the branch of Tedas.
Unless you update your subscription until the end of 12/2014, this action is free. A later update, will cause additional fee from 300 TL to your electricity bill.
For customers who have an administration with us, we perform this upgrade of course automatically.

  » Al-ACTIVE celebrates with the whole team, the 11 year anniversary
On 23.04.2014 we celebrated the 11 year anniversary with the entire team.
We thank our customers for their support and look forward to more nice and successful years.


  » The entire Al-Active team celebrated at 31.12.2013 the conclusion of a great year.
The entire Al-Active team celebrated at 31.12.2013 the conclusion of a great year. With refreshments and treats with festive music, was much talked and laughed and swung well on the dance floor. The highlight was the Secret Santa gift exchange.


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