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  » The 20th December 2007 the victim celebration begins
The victim celebration, in Turkish „Kurban Bayram “, it begins on the 20th. Of this month and ends on the 23.December.
It is for all faithful Muslims an obligation to sacrifice for the celebration of the celebration an animal. This applies however only, if they can afford it financially.
The meat of the animal is then distributed to the poor and hungry ones. It is a good custom, all friends and used to the victim celebration the best desires to insure and also them somewhat from the meat to give. Generally a sheep is slaughtered.
First thing in the morning they go to pray for the celebration of „Kurban Bayram at the mosque then to the cemetery for prayers for the deceased.
The remaining days parents, used and visited friends, and many different courts and beverages are offered to the guests.
All put on beautiful and new clothes and also the house are cleaned and festively prepared.
And because the 24th is also when Christmas begins may we to look forward to 7 holidays.

  » The property market in Turkey - An investment into the future
Turkey is a beautiful and exciting country with dynamic economic growth and many different possibilities. This is recognized by the many tourists, who visit Turkey and the number is rising annually at around 10-15%.

Ever more tourists come with the thought to acquire real estate in this beautiful country. With the change in the laws for foreigners which allowed them to purchase real estate more easily, the demand rose very strongly. The reason is simple: the prices are very enticing, favorably, and if you compare them with similar real estates in Greece is a great value.

Price rise
With the rising demand for real estates, also the prices rose, in most cases it has gone up by 20-40% per year. That may sound unbelievable but however it is actually true. This points in fact that the price history will continue to be like that. The interest of the foreign media in Turkey was never larger. The newspapers report nearly daily on the Turkish property market and several country-wide TV stations show programs on the purchase of property in Turkey. The topic is always been spoken about.

Quality and building conditions
In Turkey 2001 a stricter legislation for new buildings was introduced, this dealt with the quality of the building. The legislation is now quite comparable with the European standard and insures that both material and the building methods come up to the required standards. The buildings are constructed to be earthquake-proof, although Alanya is not considered to be an earthquake-proof zone of Turkey. The building contractors now not only build to a European standard but also take into account what the Europeans want in the property in reference to terraces, sea views and other considerations.

The Mediterranean city of Alanya
Alanya is definitely one of the most popular investment areas of Turkey when it comes to holiday homes. But there are many reasons: Alanya has the charm of a small Mediterranean city, but offers however many advantages of a larger city - good airline connections over the whole year, outstanding purchase possibilities and a large selection of different restaurants.
The people of Alanya are kind and hospitable and all strangers cordially welcomed to the city. Even if you love the good weather with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is without doubt the Mediterranean can give you more. The remaining 65 days are usually mild and somewhat rainy in Alanya. It is a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. From the quiet climate Anatolians are protected by the Taurus mountain’s, which are located behind Alanya and sweep down to the sea flattening out just before to give beautiful stretches of sandy beaches giving a wild-romantic area. Also in the winter you can feel here very well, by the long walks that can be taken along the empty beaches now that the tourists have gone. In the late afternoon you can watch the sun slowly going down, in one of the many Cafés which are open for you to enjoy. Alanya is certainly an attractive place, in which to buy real estate.

Real estates in Turkey can be developed into a good investment-fund possibility. The reasons for this are numerous: a pleasant climate, hospitable people, a beautiful landscape and not least the acceptable prices. You can obtain an attractive apartment in beach front proximity for as low as Euro 50.000.
This investment of funds is an investment into the future. If you look at the development of the holiday countries, for example Spain or Greece you can observe that the prices rose in the last 15 years continuously.
After long discussions on the future of the airport at Gazipasa it looks finally that it will open. This will greatly shorten the time taken to transfer to Alanya and the other popular destinations along this coast line.
The Turkish airport operator TAV (operator of among other things Atatürk airport Istanbul) has won the permission to operate the airport. This means at last the region of Alanya will get its own airport in Gazipasa.
Already now with the airport not due to open until next year the real estate prices have started to rise - and plot prices already and after completion of the airport will continue to increase in value.
We are convinced that it is now the correct time, to invest in Alanya.

Since the establishment the company Al-Active is their specifically for the British real estate customer professionally and essentially on the way to second to a home in Turkey.
2006/2007 earned Al-Active the honor of Bellevue Best Property Agents as prominent brokers in the real estate industry in Europe.

  » 12 th Oct. begins Sekerbayram or sugar celebration
On the 13th September began the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, in which all Muslims fasted from sunrise until sunset.

The fasting now comes to an end on Thursday 12th October. To end the month of fasting a celebration takes place which is called, Sekerbayram or sugar celebration.
The festival begins with the mandatory community prayer, afterwards their is an obligation of a moderate donation, which is given at the breaking of the fasting period to those in need. At this celebration all families get together and vist one another during this period of celebration.

For this reason we the office will be closed from the 12th October 2007 until the 14th October 2007. We re-open on Monday 15th October 2007.

The Active team wishes all people a merry and enjoyable Bayram festival.


  »  An exclusive interview with Seyhan Arabaci
An exclusive interview with Seyhan Arabaci in „Great Turkey “

In this interview which took place on the 22nd September 2007, Seyhan Arabaci (manager of Al-Active Real Estates) gives you an insight into her experiences about running a successful Real Estate company. In the interview she talks about everything about the company, its success and its future. We hope you enjoy reading this interview.

To read the full interview click here.


  » Great News!! Opening of the airport at Gazipasa
With the stories of yes it will open, no it is not opening we can now report there is a happy ending to this story. The airport in Gazipasa has been leased after an advertisement by the airport owners the company TAV have said it will be for a period of 25 years. The chairman of the TAV Company communicated in a press release that they will open the airport within a year. It will be an International Airport with a capacity to handle 3 million passengers annually, this will mean that European airlines can start to use the airport; the infrastructure to handle this type of traffic is already in place. This will be a large boost to real estate in the local area. This will further boost Alanya and more Europeans will arrive making the area an even more popular area to purchase real estate.


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