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  » Our office will be closed from 08.12 until 11.12.2008
We wish all of our customers, prospective customers and business partners a happy feast of sacrifice.
On these grounds our office will be closed from 08.12 until 11.12. On Friday 12.12.2008 at 09.00hrs we will be back in the office for you.
In case of an emergency you can contact us at 0090 535 399 11 95

  » SPECIAL CAMPAIGN: Easy purchase by payment instalments
SPECIAL CAMPAIGN: Beyaz Yildiz - “White Star” – A easy purchase by payment in instalments

For all of you who have not heard of our exclusive building project “Beyaz Yildiz”, here is a short description: It is a beautiful radiant-white apartment complex on the Mediterranean coast. The apartment complex is built to a very high standard and with first-class leisure facilities such as a fitness centre, Turkish bath, swimming pool, pool bar, caretaker, and a roof terrace with a barbeque, a kitchen and a shower.

There are apartments, penthouses and duplex apartments with 2 bedrooms, a living room with open kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The kitchen is equipped with all electronic appliances and all rooms have an air-conditioner.

With a pre-payment of 20.000 € to 30.000 € of the purchase price and a free of interest, payment arrangement of monthly instalments of 1000 Euros, you can become the owner of one of these first-class apartments. For a payment by instalments no bank guarantee is needed.
If you pay cash we can offer you a discount of 10% for one month only.

For further, detailed information about the property and the ways of payment you can contact us. Send us an email and we will gladly call you back.

  » We celebrate the Muslim sugar celebration from the 30th September until the 2nd October 2008
On the 30th September ´08 begins for us the sugar celebration after the fasting month of Ramadan. This Turkish celebration is called �Sekerbayram �. The sugar celebration is the conclusion of the fasting month of Ramadan and 3 days are celebrated. Our office is closed from 30.09. until 02.10.2008.
The festival begins with a mandatory community prayer in the morning. It is a religious obligation for all Muslims to carry out to end the fasting. A donation or alms are given to needy ones or ill persons. With this celebration all relations are visited and everyone GETS along with quarrelled ones.
3 days long is celebrated, eating, visiting family and friends. Completely particularly the children look forward to the sugar celebration, because all children are fitted out again and get gifts, money and sweets.
We wish you a happy celebration, in Turkish � Iyi bayramlar�

  » The interview of RTL with Active!
Several newspapers and the TV-media (South German newspaper, WDR, SAT 1 and Vox) have been in contact with Al-Active real estate, on the 26th June we had the pleasure of the team from RTL with us. We were selected due to our professional and flexible function and a presentation by RTL was selected. The life in a luxury real estate starting from 1.000.000 euros in Alanya was the theme selected by RTL and of Active with one of their customers, who had became good friends. It was addressed, as Active advises such customers and are cared for and offered in which form real estate. It will be shown soon in a transmission from the RTL; in all those are interested to experience the Alpha and Omega over a competent real estate company and over the general life in Alanya. You will receive the exact transmission date naturally from us. You get a more detailed report from the local Alanya magazine „Cleo “.

  » Turkey: Real estate sales for foreigner’s approval given
On 07.07.2008 the Turkish parliament implemented the new law for the acquisition of real estates in Turkey by foreign private citizens and companies. It repealed the law taken by the constitutional court, two substantial reorganizations were accomplished.
Foreign persons may acquire now up to ten per cent within the entire opened areas of the respective district land property. The new opened areas must be communicated to the commission from the respective governor to from January of the following calendar year.
Companies, which were created by foreign persons in Turkey can, in order to implement the fields of activity agreed upon in the foundation of a firm contract, land property acquire. Foreign companies, which would like to sell their property to another foreign company, can do this only at companies, which exercise the same fields of activity.
To date the chairman of Industry and Chamber of Commerce Kerim TAC and the Tapu and land registry Alanya, the largest demand of foreigners for apartments and villas exists in Alanya. Plots were not preferred in this region.
The reorganization, after which up to 10% of the opened total area by foreigners may be acquired, is particularly for the property market in Alanya a very pleasing message.
Alanya has an opened total area of 11599 hectares. Altogether up to now 146 hectares has been sold to foreigners sold. This corresponds only 1.3% from the total area.
TAC:” Still 8.7% of the opened area can be sold by Alanya at foreigners. After the numbers of February 2008 in Alanya 17871 foreigners acquired , in an area of 146,13 hectares altogether 12832 real estates. From the total area of the district Alanya this constitutes a surface the area Alanya opened of 0, 8%, `s amounts to 12, 6%.
For this reason the future of Alanya looks very shining. In this region there are still plenty of possibilities for lucrative investments.

Click here: That among other things, the table is taken by the Chamber of Commerce and industry Alanya:

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