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Dear Friends,
We are here again to bring you the latest news and information from
Alanya. We are here to bring you all the latest important information and declarations that have been published by the Alanya authorities in a brief format so that you are kept up to date.
It is hoped that you enjoy reading these small but informative bits of news and information, so we hope you will return where you are very welcome. In addition we have special offers, which offer good investment possibilities to you.

You are cordially invited to the Real Estate fair in Berlin
As in past years we are proud to inform you that we will be representing the Turkish Riviera again this year at Real Estate Exibition Fairs in various countries. The first fair will be held in the salon of the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin. It begins on the 27th April 2007.
Many large and small companies will be represented not only from Germany but also foreign Real Estate companies. The construction industry will also be represented.

You are cordially invited to visit us at our Stand No: 17, we will be able to give you a personal consultation showing you the many offers we have and introducing you to the Turkish Riviera.

A report with Active real estates of the newspaper Alanya Bote
The regional newspaper Alanya Bote has carried out an interview with Active Real Estate . Looking into the acquisition of real estate in Alanya, security of customers, currant prices of property and other interesting facts about the real estate market as it is today in Alanya.
You can get more information from the newspaper Alanya Bote, on the web page of Alanya Bote and naturally in our homepage in the Infothek.

Alanya gets a sport complex with olympic swimmingpool and tennis court
The department for parks and green areas of the city of Alanya have prepared a new project: the building of a sport complex with swimmingpool to an olympic standard and tennis courts in the district Cumhuriyet Mahalle. In this park will be a half size olympic pool, 4 tennis courts, a cafe, Changing rooms etc. The half olympic pool is to be used for both swimming competitions and for children and young people to learn to swim. Also the tennis courts are to serve the same purpose. With the establishment of the park attention is to be paid to making spaces for the visiors to relax and enjoy the area, the area is to be decorated with different plants. The park is to be finished by the summer 2007.

Census of the office for statistics
The Turkish office for statistics (TUIK) accomplishes a census in the 81 provinces of the country. The responsible persons officials for the area Alanya already began with their walk about. The counting should be for the future of all inhabitants Alanyas of of great importance, there those indicated instructions future by all administrative organs to be used are. It can concern thereby around the registration of the children into the school or bureaucratic affairs on the offices responsible for it. For Turkish citizens all these procedures become on the basis the number of the Turkish identity card accomplished. Also the foreigners, longer than 6 months in Alanya will be taken in account. For this the number of the passport or the identity card is to be delivered.

In the year 2007 Alanya will have a totally different face
The municipality of Alanya has started to bring Alanya up to a place of beauty. Work has begun from the port promenade to to the foot of the Taurus mountains, of the Ulas - beach up to Oba began numerous works on the infrastructure without interruption are to be accomplished, Path ways and roads built, Places and sports sites brought up to European standard at different locations of the city.

The road repairs in the northern areas Alanyas precede likewise briskly. On a section of the new 30 meters road between the quarter Kücükhasbahce and Kösk spread stand the work briefly before that completion, so that also this road for traffic can be released. This road is of great importance, since it connects the southern and northern quarter.

Queen Beatrix to the state visit in Turkey
Queen Beatrix will start a state visit this week Turkey. The queen will be in the personal guesthouse of President Sezer. On the occasion of her visit to Turkey Beatrix has organised a concert of the Netherlands. The concert is to be held on Wednesday, the 28/02/2007.

Beautiful park in Alanya and Fitness in the fresh air
Alanya has again a park at the Kleopatra beach. This new park already has had much interest with the tourists. The park has a fountain and has been planted with many seasonal plants. Still some small work must be performed, the instalation of waste bins. As soon as these work is completed the park will officially for the public.
In addition it finds the municipality Alanya important, that everybody receives the opertuntiy to become fit. Sport is for the health and well being and also can be good fun. In the proximity of the Damlatashöhle, with the tennis places, in August 2006 fitness equipment was set up, which was for the use by everyone and free of charge to use. Also on the other side of Alanya, at height of the crossing Atatürk Cad. and the Orman Isletme, stand fitness equipment has been installed at the beach. In the future more areas will have this equipment installed. The fitness equipment is for the use of the young and old, foreigner and local population, Men and women.

A church beside Mosque
In the Netherlands there are now approx. 300 mosques for Muslims from different countries. Now this has meant Alanya reconditions a church in the area of the red tower. This church is to be used then by the residents and the holidaymakers. Next year should see this project finished.

Yours sincerely

from the sun-delicate Alanya Active Team

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