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We have a very wide selection of apartments and villas in and around Alanya, Turkey. If you are thinking of living in Turkey, Alanya or you want to buy a holidayhome then we are the realtor for you. We garantuee customers a deed of ownership (Tapu). Invest in Turkey, buy a villa or apartment, flat or second home in Alanya, Side, Antalya, Belek, Kusadasi, Bodrum.


 » Al-Active-Newsletter - month July 2008  
Merhaba and hello from Alanya and your Al-Active-team.

We are pleased to be allowed to inform you about the most important news and events from around Alanya and Turkey. We hope you will enjoy reading the articles and hope to be able to welcome you soon to visit us.

Our special monthly offers you will find you at the end of the newsletter. Sunny greetings from your Al-Active-team.

 » RTL TV visits Al-Active real estate
Some time ago the TV station contacted us and asked us for our assistance. The editor of the midday magazine “Punkt 12” wanted to present a story about properties on the Turkish Riviera.

But not just any properties. The RTL team would like to present Alanya from another side; exclusive properties were to be the highlight of the programme. Since Al-Active can offer real estate into large and exclusive properties in Alanya and to the Turkish Riviera, we were glad to explain about the luxury side of properties her in Alanya. In the past week was it then so far. The RTL team visited us first in our office and went later together with Seyhan Arabaci on an inspection route.

Also with a date with customers, who look for a luxury property, in order to spend their retirement here, participated RTL completely near also?  As soon as we know, when the report is to be broadcast, we will inform you naturally.

 » The friendship triumphed!

On Wednesday, the 25th was it so far! Turkey played with the football European championship in the semi-final against Germany. With tension this play was expected particularly here with us.

Red white the roads and the Turkish flag were decorated were everywhere present in addition, the German fans in Alanya supported the German crew in their national colors. With the team of RTL we, which Al-Active team, were common, in which and have city the exciting play pursued.

Germans and Turks experienced together a great soccer game, in which the Turks often dominated. But at the end Germany drew into the final and plays on Sunday, the 29.06.2008 against Spain.

The RTL team of the Turkish fans, that congratulated to the German despite their defeat to their victory, was particularly enthusiastic. The friendship stood in this play in the first place and was completely largely written. It was a great experience.

We wish on Sunday much success to the German crew with the final play and press them the thumbs completely firmly


 » Honor for CAN hospital
The new CAN hospital in Alanya received an honor from the Chamber of Commerce and industry Alanya assigned.

" We distinguish those companies, which convert visions with new concepts, implemented the commission chairmen industry and of the Chamber of Commerce, Metin Atalay. A modern hospital like CAN with an international team is very important for Alanya and the tourism.

 » Institute for funerals in Alanya

Deaths in Alanya were not always simple so far here to master. Apart from the mourning one was often alone with the authorities and completely overtaxed.

There is however a woman, who specialized in this work and with a death, supports and accompanies you. Mrs. Hatice Dolphijn created Beerdigungsinstitut for Alanya together with „the Concordia Konstanz “and „the mountain forest insurance “.

Their office is directly opposite the urban cemetery. Whether a funeral after Islamic rite or in the European sense, with Mrs. Dolphijn you will be guided. Also with a transfer it stands for you each time with advice and act to the side.

 » Dolphin therapy now also in the new Delphinarium in Türkler

From the 27th June 2008 the new Dolphin Aquarium in Türkler has opened its gates. The new project is already built by a private company for one year. The name of the new Dolphin Aquarium and dolphin therapy of center is Sealanya Deniz Park.

In the whole world there are exactly 4 of these dolphin centers. Beside two in America and a further one in Japan now also the first of this kind in Turkey is opened and also in all of Europe. The park is filled completely with sea water. First the therapy center as well as the Dolphin Centre for the visitors of the dolphin demonstrations are opened.

Planned however the opening of further pools with shark, and many other different sea fish types, which the visitors can see. Of 12 dolphins, which at present are in Türkler, were trained 5 for the dolphin show, to 4 for swimming the guests with the dolphins and 3 of these beautiful animals are for the dolphin therapy at the disposal.

The plant will be in the summer like also in the winter opened, for the therapy will become first therapy hours reserved.

 » The South German newspaper reports by Al-Active over holidays real estate in Turkey

Some time ago the South German newspaper turned to our enterprise Al-Active real estate with the request, you with an article over the Turkish property market to help in the special over Alanya.

Our manager Seyhan Arabaci was helpful in it and supplied the South German newspaper with comprehensive information. On the 13th June 2008 the article was now published. Why is the Turkish Riviera so interesting for Europeans and which is to consider with the purchase of a real estate? In this article you can reread it.

 » The 1st Active table reserved for regulars…

was a great success!!! Many customers and prospective customer came to the invitation on the 14th June 2008 at around 7 o’clock, in order to exchange views and their experiences. For this there were topics enough, like e.g. the car purchase in Turkey, the fish restaurant at the port, the Turkish craftsmen, the friendliness and helpfulness of the native ones and not least the better quality of life. Telephone number among them was exchanged and everyone was pleased to make new acquaintances. To early the early hours around 02:00 clock our last guests were involved and turned still into another locality at the port in, in order still completely ease a Sisha pipe to smoke.
We would like to thank you and make for the active participation us happy already to see you again soon.

 » The Active table reserved for regulars becomes a firm institution

As you to read already above could do are it us a joy to make the Active table reserved for regulars a firm institution. Each 2nd Tuesday in the month we meet again with our customers and prospective customers, who became nearly already friends. Please note the following date completely thickly in your calendar:

8th July 2008 at 19:00hrs
Red Tower Brewery

We ask you to let us know by the 2st July 2008 if you intend to come to our next meeting.


That Alanya was called Alaiye before?

The name of our beautiful city originates from that 13th century and was called in former times Ala-iye, city of Ala, designated after the Sultan of Seldschukken Alaeddin Keykubad.

The city Alanya received the today's name in the year 1933 from Kemal Atatürk.
Today Alanya belongs to the most popular holiday center in Anatolia. Modern hotels, numerous restaurants and cafes along the fantastic sand beaches lure each year numerous holiday-makers to the Turkish Riviera.

 » Good deals of the month!
Also this month Active again has the most beautiful properties for you. We hope that we can find you that property in the sun. For further questions, and no obligation inspection tour simply contact the Active team and we will be very happy to assist you.











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