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» Al-Active-Newsletter - month September 2009
Merhaba and hello from Alanya and your Al-Active-team.

We are pleased to be able to inform you of the latest and important news stories from around Alanya and Turkey. We hope you enjoy reading our news stories and we hope to be able to welcome you soon with us.

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Sunny greetings from your Al-Active-team

» The developments and constructions of the routes in Alanya

The community of Kargicak which is a district approximately 15km next to Alanya has started the reconstructions of the routes in order to improve the arrival and to satisfy the population there. Till 2010 all the routes should be floored.

Furthermore lots of pavements should be built or modernized so that the people can reach a place easily by foot, too. It is said that these efforts will show a growing demand for the villas and other establishments in Kargicak. As a result there will be obviously an increase in value.

» September- the autumn begins…

In the Mediterranean zones September is one of the best months of the year because of the fact that autumn begins. That means that the climate of the Mediterranean and consequently in Alanya begins to changing. While the temperatures in summer averages at least 38°C in autumn the heat amounts to 25-28°C. Besides the humidity isn’t so high so that the people are able to feel themselves well. The sun shines the sea is clear and pure the beaches aren’t so crowded because of the fact that the mass tourism comes by and by to an end. As a result September is an optimal and amazing month for those who prefer to spend a calm and peaceful holiday with acceptable temperatures.

» Ramadan - the symbol of fasting has begun

Ramadan is the name of an Islamic month which is extreme important and very special for all the believers in Islam the so-called Muslims- In this month which begins always to another time of a year the Muslims all around the world doesn’t matter wherever or whenever fast 30 days along.
From daybreak to sundown they have to abandon both eating and drinking and smoking and having an act of sex. After sundown they are allowed to eat and drink or smoke. The eating is like a festival as all the members of the family and all the relatives and friends come together in orders to break the fasting. After that long period of fasting that means after 30days there is a great celebration which takes 3 days. This celebration is either called Festival of Ramadan or Sugar Festival as lots of candies or other Turkish deserts are consumed especially by children.

» Recep Tayip Erdogan, the Prime minister of Turkey, visited Alanya

The major of Alanya Hasan Sipahioglu who was from ANAP aligns himself with the leading party AKP. For this reason Erdogan decided to spend a part of his holiday in Antalya and Alanya. Major Sipahioglu informed him about the projects and the service and the new renting system of the bikes, the international organizations of sport activities, the planned university of donation, the touristic potential of Alanya and the meaning of the airport of Gazipasa for this area. At the end of their conversation which took place in the office of the major Erdogan decided to make a speech for the population in which he promised that he will come again to Alanya in order to open the airport.

» 2009 Swatch FIVB Beach volleyball world championship in Alanya

It was the first time that Turkey was the host of the championship of beach volleyball. The 2009 Swatch FIVB Beach volleyball had taken place from 19-23-august 2009 on the beaches in front of the sports stadium “Milli Egemenlik” The German players Christine Aulenbrock and Victoria Bieneck beat their Russian rivals Irina Chaika and Ekaterina Karapischenko 2-0 and won the woman championship. Also the Russian boys Andrey Bolgov and Ruslan Bykanov were defeated by the Ukrainian team Sergiy Popov und Valeriy Somoday and in the league of the men the Ukrainian team wons the men championship.

» Alanya only has 134.000 inhabitants

Some districts north and east of Alanya namely Cikcilli, Oba, Tosmur and Kestel as well the villages Asmaca, Pasaköy and Mahmutseydi officially belong to Alanya since 28.08.2009.
The present mayors will stay in Office until the next elections but afterwards these districts will no longer have their own mayor.
For the city of Alanya this means a big step towards becoming a province. This will especially be positive for the city planning of Alanya.
Afterwards all decisions of the separate districts will be made by the city of Alanya

» Bodrum, Bodrum...

Bodrum, also called the Halicarnassus, is a picturesque town southwest of Turkish Aegean coast between Izmir and Dalaman.

The city of present Bodrum is located at the picturesque part of town around the harbor where also shops, bars and restaurants can be found.

Not only Bodrum but entire peninsula is worth seeing. The towns and fisher’s villages of Gümbet, Bitez, Ortakent and Yahsi, Turgutreis, Gündoğan, Gümüşlük, Yalikavak, Torba, Kizilagac, Türkbükü and Gölköy are located on the coast and are all loved and partly still untouched by tourism.

The landscape is hilly and green of the trees slowly change into the blue sea. Every town here has its own harbor and you can moor your boat at a different harbor every night. Here are also located the most expensive yachts in the world.

Bodrum distinguishes itself especially by the white 2-storey houses decorated with bougainvillea.

Here in Bodrum you can find plenty of real estate on sale. Whether a villa or a house with private pool, apartments with a big terrace or sea view our team will guide and advise you in a professional manner. Under this link you can find a wide range of houses, villas and apartments on sale in the regions of Yalikavak, Ilica, Turgutreis, Torba, Gümbet, Gümüşlük, Bitez, Gündogan,…

Bodrum is the place to be in the summer. The entire high society of Istanbul and Ankare can be found here in the summer. All bars and beach clubs are filled with vacationers and people have the time of their lives here. Open air concerts at the Antique Theatre are especially loved here.

Not only the Turkish high society but also Europeans love Bodrum. Especially Germans, Danes, Dutch, French and English people loved it here.

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