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Looking for property in Turkey, Alanya? This is established real estate company Al-Active`s field of expertise.

We have a very wide selection of apartments and villas in and around Alanya, Turkey. If you are thinking of living in Turkey, Alanya or you want to buy a holidayhome then we are the realtor for you. We garantuee customers a deed of ownership (Tapu). Invest in Turkey, buy a villa or apartment, flat or second home in Alanya, Side, Antalya, Belek, Kusadasi, Bodrum.
» Al-Active Newsletter - month August 2013

Dear customers and friends,

the summer has finally arrived in Alanya and we welcome the tourists, the multicultural exchange, the hustle and bustle on the streets and that many people share the love of Alanya with us! If you still need a cooling: Alanya can offer this as well at the beautiful Dimcay River, where you can find many restaurants on the Dimcay River with water temperatures around 15 degrees! Also you can find peace and solitude away from the crowds.
Heed the call of nature in the mountains and breathe in the scent of the herbs and the trees You see Alanya is not only beach and sea.

For your salvation and for a complete recovery it will surely do you good in the colourful, open and famous Alanya to enjoy your holiday here. An airport is certainly in your area and it will take you just ca. 3 hours to go here.

» Our sightseeing tour for you!

Many vacationers still enjoy the summer air, but in a few weeks, the holidays are over and it starts again at the time of property visits.

To give you a personal overview of properties on the Turkish Riviera, we recommend a short trip or a short holiday over here. In this way, you can find out the best in which location, your dream home should be.
Your needs are important to us, thus it is very important to get to know you personal.
We attend to your wishes and advise and support you professionally and especially individually.

We simplify your search for your dream property:

Complete organization of your stay:
  • Booking your flights
  • Organize your transfers from the airport to Alanya and back – free of charge for you
  • Up to 300 Euro travel expenses per person (max. 2) refunded on a purchase.

Here locally, you will be supported and advised by our international sales staff.
Before, during and also after the purchase we assist you with any issue, to the side!

Please feel free to inform our customers about us, please click here: References

Our organization for you:
If you decide for us, we will arrange a 3 (+ / -) day tour for you.

These shall be based on your needs.

1st day: The personally acquainted is a must for us. Only in this way, we can specifically address your needs and present objects which are optimally tailored to you. If you do not know Alanya, we will introduce you to the place and the environment, and of course also visit properties.

2nd day: Specific surveys of objects in the part of Alanya, which did you like best.

3rd day: If you have already found your dream property, we take all the steps necessary to complete the purchase. We can advise you in all issues regarding equipment, so you can feel already home during your next stay.
Through us, you will get professional, individual and personal support and advice, because:
You only live once, we'll show you where!.

» The month of Ramadan has begun

The month of Ramadan has started in the Islamic countries and also here in Alanya is fasted since 09/07/2013 until 07/08/2013. For devout Muslims, this means that after the sunrise and before sunset, eat, drink or smoking is not allowed.

What is of course quite difficult at these temperatures. However, at this time the Muslims are still warm and friendly because they want to remember with fasting also about what it means not to have food available all day. At the end of Ramadan, exact from 08/08/2013, three days until the 10/08/2013 the end of fasting will be celebrated with the Sugar Festival (Seker bayrami).

We ask for your understanding that we want to finish this, for all of us, special holidays with our loved ones fasting and therefore our office will be closed. From the 12th August, we will be as usual fully available again. For everybody we wish “Iyi Bayramlar!”

» Cocktail Party in Granada

The company Kurt Safir that the unique Granada Residence has planned and implemented in Kargicak invited on Saturday, 06 July, all partners, customers, and the entire workforce to a beautifully organized a cocktail party.

This invitation, we followed quite happy with our clients. Under the theme of getting to know, the evening was highlighted with soft music, a fabulous ambience and small treats. The well-established relationship between Al-Active and in Alanya very well known and successful company Kurt Safir, exists since several years.

The quality, high standard, modernity and resistance unite our interests. Kurt Safir has made a name for itself not only in housing, but also set new standards with an ultra-modern five star luxury hotel in Alanya / Okurcalar. We wish the company many successful construction projects and at least as extraordinary as the Granada Residence. For pictures of this wonderful evening, please click here: Images


» Explore Alanya with the locomotive

The local authority has decided on 18.04.2013 that Alanya receives its own locomotive. This is already running on the streets of Alanya.

From Güngör hotel over to Ataturk road to the Damlats road and back through the harbour. This is repeated throughout the day. It is big fun and a great new opportunity to learn Alanya.

Cost per person and ride is only 5 TL!

» Taxes for vehicle

We would like to remind you that the second instalment is to be paid for your car tax. To do so, please go to the tax office (Vergi Dairesi), in which the amount must be paid in cash.

As always, this is for customers with a management agreement to our service,

we'll do this walk. Very important: You pay by the end of this month the outstanding amount one!

» From November Flights to Gazipasa

Such long talking, and now it has finally come. From the winter season on, to be exact, from the 5th November 2013 Sun Express and Turkish Airlines launch flights to Gazipasa. Thus, a total of seven connections, are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from Frankfurt am Main, Dusseldorf and Leipzig / Halle, and on Saturdays, starting from Dusseldorf. The one-way flight will be already available from 75,99 Euro. Alanya is then even more attractive and the long drive from Antalya to beautiful Alanya is history. Only about 40 km drive must then be taken into account, instead of Antalya 130 km. Another major plus point for Alanyas homeowners and tourists.

» German "TÜV SÜD” now working in the region of Antalya and Alanya in the area of consulting

TÜV SÜD Industry Service GmbH from Munich is now available for private customers and companies on the Turkish Riviera with a comprehensive construction quality control-ling for apartments, villas and residential complexes.  After site inspections by German / local experts, detailed technical reports with text and pictures could be issued for the customer. If the requirements for certification of the property are fulfilled, it could be provided a certificate “Voluntary building accompanying quality controlling” for the project. For new buildings, a preliminary examination of the entire project planning and professional construction observation can be carried out up to final handover.

The costs depend on the type, size, technical equipment and location of the project. For more information you can contact directly TÜV SÜD Industry Service GmbH: or  => keyword “Baubegleitendes Qualitätscontrolling“ .

» Good deals of the month!
Also this month, Active has again picked out the best properties for you. We hope that the right offer is there for you. For more questions, no-obligation inspection tours or information, please contact the Active team at your disposal.




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