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Looking for property in Turkey, Alanya? This is established real estate company Al-Active`s field of expertise.

We have a very wide selection of apartments and villas in and around Alanya, Turkey. If you are thinking of living in Turkey, Alanya or you want to buy a holidayhome then we are the realtor for you. We garantuee customers a deed of ownership (Tapu). Invest in Turkey, buy a villa or apartment, flat or second home in Alanya, Side, Antalya, Belek, Kusadasi, Bodrum.
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!!! Invest in your future! With reliability to your dream!!!

Make dreams come true, enjoy high quality of living in a healthy climate, the desire for leisure activities with niveau - all this are good reasons for more and more Europeans to invest in Alanya.

Especially Alanya and the Turkish Riviera have evolved in recent years into a prime location for real estate.

The decision of many Europeans to purchase a property in Turkeyhas , of course, many reasons:

Easy access with airlines from all over Europe (flight time ca. 3.5 hours) to Antalya or brand new directly to
  Alanya / Gazipasa. The transfer time from Gazipasa to Alanya takes only
30-45 minutes.
wise investment
Sun almost all the year , fresh air, the blue sea, clean beautiful beaches, a lot of historical sites
affordable costs of living
Hospitality and fre

These are only some examples, of course there are a lot more, but we cannot list all og them.
Arrange a viewing tour with us and you can convince yourself of our wonderful country!

What is the law on real estate acquisition by foreign individuals in Turkey looking like?

You, as a foreigner in Turkey, can acquire real estate here.

There are certain restrictions. Of course, we know these restrictions very well and offer you only proofed and for you acquirable real estate.

Regarding the land register law of Turkey foreign individuals may, as long as the legal arrangements are not changed, in Turkey acquire or inherit property.

          § 35 of the Land Registry Law Nr.2644 from 22.12.1934 was amended in the following manner.

The most important of the law:

Foreigners are also allowed to buy real estate in village areas outside the municipal boundaries, unless there
  exists a publicly approved development plan. To purchase a plot / a property in these areas with no
  development plan, it is necessary to establish a Turkish company. The establishment of a company here in
  Turkey is very simple, we will of course be happy to help you..

Recently, it is now also possible, if you want to buy as a foreigner a property in a condominium, this can be transferred to your name within a few days, if another foreigner got property in his name since 2011 in this condominium.

Foreign trading companies may acquire only within the framework of the special laws real-estate business property.

Associations, cooperatives, corporations, municipalities, foreign charities, foreign foundations and foreign societies cannot buy property in Turkey.

Foreign natural persons may acquire up to 2.5 hectares of property. The government must authorized the purchase of land above 30 hectares.

The government has set out zones where individuals and companies are forbidden to buy, zones to be preserved such as lands which are strategically very important in terms of energy, agriculture, mining, history,culture, biological flora and national security.

The entire property of foreigners in the area of a province shall not exceed 5 ‰.

Foreigners are also in civil and military reserves, which are also determined by resolution of the Council of Ministers, not allowed to acquire real estate.



1) Buying contract:

 If you decide to buy a property, a written contract is prepared. With this contract you pay a deposit.

2) Power of attorney:

The customer will give to the company a power of attorney. With this authorization the buyer gives order to the company for routine application like for the electricity, water and telephone subscitpions of or the entry to his name of the title deed.

3) TAPU application and entry at the land registry office

As mentioned above, you can get registered a property within a few days on your name in the Land Registry under certain circumstances.
If this is not possible, the usual way is to be selected with the Tapu-submission in the military administration in Izmir.
After an examination of the property to be acquired, it may be required. This process can take 2-3 months.

4) Delivery of the Tapu in the land registery office:

Therefore the following is required:

         For the buyer:

• 2 new passport photos of the buyer
• 1 copy of the passport
• current address in home country and names of the parents
• turkish tax number

         For the seller:

• 1 new passport photos of the seller
• 1 copy of the passport
• adress
• if non turkish citizen: turkish tax number

It follows the official entry into the land register (Tapu register). A statutory sworn interpreter for your language (if you are physically present) notes for the record and confirmes to you verbally the location and properties of the acquired object. Then you get the original extract of Tapu (proof of ownership). On request, the Tapu can also be translated in written. 

Only the official entry on the Land Registry Office ensures that you are the new owner!


Tapu in Türkisch

Tapu in Deutsch


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